Very professional service always from James and Colin. Thank you for your attention over the years.

Shirley Cockroft, Barnoldswick

Thank you James, Colin and staff for always helping me if I need it.

Pam Normanton, Barnoldswick

James is the best – His knowledge and professionalism are paramount. He is also gentle, kind, and simply a lovely young man. I would always recommend his service!

Elaine Short

Very friendly and professional service. For someone who doesn’t like having their eyes tested I felt completely at ease. In addition there is a great range of glasses to choose from.

Amy Wilson

I always went to Raynors with my son and when it changed to Vision Express I made him an appointment and they cancelled the day before, so I made another which got cancelled again by them, so I made a third and when we got there they had no record of his appointment! So I thought ‘stuff this’ and walked up to James Bontoft on Rainhall Road and he was seen right away! Now I always take him there! Excellent service and lovely people.

Laura Hartley, Earby

I went to specsavers as we had a deal through work, £300 later and three different sets of eye tests and lenses and they were telling me it was in my head when I said there was an issue, I’ve worn glasses since I was 16. Went to James Bontoft as I heard Colin Holdsworth was there and had one eye test… Paid again for my lenses and they were willing to use my frames I’d just bought and my glasses are perfect. All three eye tests from specsavers were wrong. Been back to James twice since and he’s as good as Colin Holdsworth was.

Zoe Demain, Barnoldswick