Contact lenses

Being independent means we can access the entire market to provide precisely what contact lenses you may need.

We fit a wide range of contact lenses including soft and RGP lenses. Primarily these days this is the soft monthly and daily disposable lens family.


Trying contact lenses

Unlike a lot of opticians, we do make a one-off charge for our contact lens trials.

The reason we do? It enables us to spend time discussing needs and requirements and help us get the most appropriate lens for you. Once the charge is made we have no limit on the number of appointments it takes for both practitioner and patient to be happy with the lens.

Often on ‘free’ trials, with their associated (and justifiable) time constraints, if you are not suitable for the couple of lenses that you were given then often you can get told that ‘you are not suitable for contact lenses’. We do not have those time constraints and can often find suitable lenses that other opticians have been unable to.

Please call in to discuss your needs and what we can do for you:

Contact Lens Professional Fee Scheme

We offer a professional fee structure for our contact lenses. Essentially this differentiates the product and the service element meaning we can provide internet priced lenses with independent optician level of professional care.

This scheme means you are not being committed to a constant regular supply of lenses and solutions, plus we keep your lenses in stock in Barnoldswick so you are never without them.

Monthly amount

A low regular monthly payment of £8 per month to cover all professional fees.

This gets you:

  • All contact lens appointments, routine and emergency
  • Private eye examination
  • Heavily discounted contact lens price across our entire range
  • Contact lenses pre-ordered in stock and always ready for collection
  • 20% discount on all our contact lens solutions
  • 20% discount on all spectacle purchases
  • 15% discount on prescription and non-prescription sunglasses


  • No unnecessary & compulsory lens purchases
  • No unnecessary & compulsory solution purchases
  • Lenses always kept in stock in branch – no waiting for deliveries
  • Exceptional value for money for regular wearers
  • Peace of mind in having a professional on hand locally in case of issue or complication


Can I bring my contact lens prescription from elsewhere to you?

Yes. We do accept full and valid contact lens specifications from elsewhere provided this is in date and has been signed off by a contact lens optician / optometrist.

Unlike spectacles, contact lenses don’t require the same ‘dispensing’ after seeing the eye care professional so, unless it was felt necessary, this does not need to be rechecked by us.