Low visual aid service


What is this service?

This service enables us to prescribe a low visual aid appliance to a patient to assist them in their daily life. James has been assessed and accredited to have the additional knowledge, training and skills to provide this service.  This service is not available to all opticians.

Who can access the service?

You do not have to be registered blind or partially sighted to access this service. This is a service for people of all ages registered with a GP in East Lancashire.  Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. We are able to provide appointments for this service all days throughout our opening hours excluding Tuesdays.

How much does it cost?

The service does not cost anything. It is a service that has been commissioned by the local health trust to simply be a means of diverting demand away from our over-burdened local hospital eye departments.  This means that you can access the specialist assessment and have access to all the various appliances that you would at the hospital.  Should you require an appliance, these would be available, like the hospital, on a long term loan basis at no cost.  Should an alternative be needed you simply exchange your old appliance.

To supplement the wide range of products in this service, we also offer a small selection of more specialist magnifiers that are available for purchase.