Our promise:
sensible and fair pricing structure throughout our range of frames and lenses.


  • We provide a wide range of single vision, bifocal, varifocal, occupational, sport and specialist ophthalmic lenses from our specialist lens manufacturer Hoya, based in the UK.
  • All our Hoya varifocal lenses come with a satisfaction guarantee of adaptation. There are a wide range of varifocal options available and we will spend the necessary time in order to find a lens suitable. However on the rare occasion there be any non-tolerance or adaptation issues then we can switch to bifocals or 2 pairs for no additional charge.
  • Additional premium lenses from Zeiss, Nikon, Rodenstock etc are available on request
  • As part of our service element we have the time to discuss individual requirements and needs and discuss any potential pitfalls with new spectacles.
  • Assessing suitability of any spectacle lens is a very individual process. Several factors including prescription, prescription change, lens / frame size, positioning and fit of the frame, vision / task requirements and its cost all have to be considered.
  • The difference with us is we have the time to discuss what is most appropriate for you.
  • Sometimes the budget lens is the most appropriate option and we will readily advise if this is the case. Unlike a lot of the larger opticians we do not believe in pushy sales nor do we have any sales targets to hit.


  • Wide range of frames covering all styles and budgets, from just £20 or free with an NHS voucher.
  • All our frames across our entire range come with either a 12 or 24 month warranty covering manufacturing defects.
  • Our more quality and designer frames are often designed and manufactured by spectacle manufacturers and some you may not heard of.
  • Over 1,000 frames in stock to choose from. Also, being an independent, we are not restricted as to where we get our frames from and can often order in alternative colours, designs etc.
  • Want to keep your own frame? Provided it is in sufficiently good condition we offer a complete re-glazing service for all full and half rim glasses. We have a frame tracer in practice which enables you to continue wearing your old spectacles whilst your new lenses are getting made up, for no additional charge.

NHS funding

Reduced cost frames and subsidised lenses for people on an NHS voucher including a wide range of frames that will be of no cost with single vision or bifocal lenses.

Adjusting a frame purchased elsewhere

If you have purchased your spectacles locally we always encourage you to return to where you purchased them. This is due to the fact that should anything untoward happen during the adjustment; a repair can more easily be performed i.e. providing a new matching side for example.

Any frame purchased online or from elsewhere may, but only if deemed appropriate, be adjusted. Should work be undertaken, it is done so at your own risk and will incur a charge.

All proceeds of this charge will go to our local charity. This is currently Barnoldswick Food Bank.

We happily adjust and offer minor repairs to all our own frames for the lifetime of their wear.

Can I have my P.D. after my eye examination?

Please be aware we do not provide, even for a fee, any measurements necessary for the dispense of spectacles after the eye examination. Following the eye test, the responsibility of choosing an appropriate lens, performing the required measurements and ensuring an appropriate fit lies with whomever performs the dispense.

You have a right to have your prescription dispensed wherever you choose. However…

‘The prescribing and dispensing of spectacles are closely linked it is best to have your spectacles dispensed where you have your eyes examined. It is often more difficult to resolve any problems you may have with your spectacles when prescribing and supply are separated.' The College of Optometrists

Following our college guidelines; we always recommend that you have your glasses dispensed where you have your eye test performed, wherever that may be. When the prescribing and dispensing are separated it can generate two issues. Firstly it may not always be apparent as to what the primary cause for the problem is, and secondly the cause may not entirely prescribing or entirely dispensing, which complicates the matter greatly if you are having to deal between two companies.

Can I bring my spectacle prescription from elsewhere to you?

We do accept valid spectacle prescriptions from elsewhere, however for the same reasons as above, we will perform a full eye examination and the prescription will be rechecked by us. We will deduct the cost of the eye test off the cost of the glasses so you are not out of pocket. This service, performed at our own expense, ensures we minimise any potential problems that may arise with your new spectacles and it is all ‘kept under one roof’.


Your questions about glasses

How much are your glasses?

We don’t have headline rates or loss leading promotions to tempt you in as we rely on our service element and word of mouth referrals to grow. We also believe glasses are a very individual item that has to be uniquely prescribed, fitted and adjusted to your exact needs. Please call in and we can discuss the matter individually to best suit your needs. Being in Barnoldswick means we would certainly not exist being the most expensive optician in Lancashire, as they say ‘A Barlicker knows a bargain!’ You may be pleasantly surprised at both what we can provide for you and its cost.

There is no right or wrong answer as to which opticians (or glasses supplier) to choose. Like choosing any product or service, having a full range of optometry services available in the UK is a good thing and, like most professions, we all have certain minimum standards we have to meet in order to be safe. However this does not mean that all opticians are the same. As a consumer you need to be aware of the advice and service you receive primarily, in addition what you are getting and how frequently you are getting it.